Quick Shoutout

Thank you God for the progress of Kalookies. I’m now baking at least 4 dozen almost everyday.

Thank you family for being so supportive and buying cookies from me, especially my brothers and sisters.

Thank you friends for letting me feed you my experiments.

Thank you Basagan Ballers!

Thank you Thespians friends for ordering!

And thank you to my beautiful girlfriend for pushing me to sell cookies regularly.

I have a list of all your names and will thank you all soon.

I love you all!

Cookie Troubleshooting

Helpful Tips for Baking Cookies, thank you http://www.preparedpantry.com/printable2.html

Cookie Troubleshooting Guide

If your cookies are too tough . . .
You may have used too much flour or a flour with too high of a protein content. Unless you want a chewy cookie, do not use bread flour. Check your measurements–the cookies may not have enough fat or the amount of sugar may be wrong.

If your cookies are too crumbly . . .

They may have too much sugar, shortening, or leavening or may not be thoroughly mixed. Try adding more eggs.

If your cookies are too hard . . .

They may have been baked too long or at a temperature that was too low. Too much flour or not enough shortening or liquid will make them hard also.

If your cookies are too dry . . .

The same elements that make cookies too hard, may make them too dry. Try baking them at a higher temperature for a shorter period. Substitute brown sugar (with its higher moisture content) for part of the granulated sugar.

If your cookies are too brown . . .

The cookies were most likely baked too long or at too high of a temperature. Too much sugar may make a cookie brown too readily.

If your cookies are not browned enough . . .

The baking temperature was too low, they were not baked long enough, or there was too little sugar.

If your cookies spread too much . . .

The baking temperature may be too low. Too much sugar, shortening, or leavening will cause spread. If pans are greased with too much shortening, spread may occur. Add a little more flour or chill your dough before forming the cookies.

If your cookies don’t spread enough . . .

The opposite conditions that create too much spread may cause your cookies not to spread enough. There may not be enough sugar, shortening, or leavening, or the temperature is too high. Try adding more grease to the pan and baking at a lower temperature.

If the edges or crust turns out sugary . . .

The cookies probably have too much sugar. The dough may have been inadequately mixed.

If your cookies have a poor flavor . . .

Make sure all the flavoring ingredients were added. Dated or low quality ingredients may not impart strong enough flavors. Improperly washed baking pans will sometimes cause a cookie to taste bad.

If your cookies stick to the pans . . .
The pans probably weren’t greased adequately. Too much sugar will make cookies stick. Cookies are usually easier
to remove from their pans immediately after coming from the oven.

Chocolate Chip And Nutella Cookies

So I love chocolate chip cookies. But the ones that are really good, are usually really expensive. So I decided to try and make my own.

And I discovered that they’re expensive for a good reason. The best cookies, are almost always made from the best ingredients. Our chocolate selection in Manila is quite limited, and I don’t know of any bakers dream kind of stores as of yet. Though “Dough It All” in BF is pretty awesome, but I have yet to try their chocolates.

How I wish I could get American ingredients here in the Philippines without losing an arm and a leg in the process. There was this one store in San Francisco, at the fishermans wharf, which had over 300 chocolate variations. *sigh*

But thankfully, I’m slowly learning to make a pretty good cookie. It’s the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe which I added a few things of my own to the dough and 3 kinds of chocolate. Semisweet chocolate chips, dark chocolate chips, and Nutella.


Cooking and Baking

I have recently discovered a love for the kitchen. Cooking and baking, experimenting with different herbs and spices. And surprisingly I found that the food that comes out isn’t bad at all. Of course sometimes it takes a turn for the worse, but overall I’ve discovered, that I can cook!

So now I’ve started baking cookies, and am pleasantly surprised that people have been ordering them. And my lovely girlfriend has been bugging me to sell them regularly, not just for fun, but as an actual source of income.

Here’s my problem. I love too cook and bake. I hate thinking about costing and all that. If it were up to me I’d give them away. Feeding my friends makes me happy. Seeing people enjoy the food that I cook makes my heart giggle. Yes, I have a heart that giggles. It also squeals in childish glee sometimes.

Anyway. So now, Arianna does the costing and basically the managing of Kalookies, while I do the baking.

So. “Kalookies” (thank you Zach and Rinka), are now somewhat available to the public, depending on where they are as I have no idea how to deliver them, and because I hate driving in Manila traffic. I’m a firm believer in “your mood affects your cooking”.

Thank you God for giving me the ability to feed and cook for myself, and not just corned beef and hotdogs etcetc.
And thank you for all the friends and family who have been so wonderful and supportive. And I thank my girlfriend who pushed and pushed for me to make it a business.

I don’t know if this will do well or do badly, but I’m thankful either way, the support of friends and family is enough. And making them full and happy. 🙂

You may order through kalookies.weebly.com some terms and conditions may apply.


I Need My Friends

I used to think that I shouldn’t share my problems with my closest friends. I didn’t want to burden them by adding my headaches to theirs.

And I realized I was wrong.

Keeping it all in isn’t good for anyone. That’s why friends are such a blessing. You share your dilemmas with each other, and help each other carry one another’s load.

Sometimes you’re in a place so dark you can’t find the way out.

Friends are the light at the end of the tunnel. They can help guide you back to where you’re supposed to be.

Friends are the lighthouse when you’re lost at sea.

Friends can also be surrogate angels to comfort and console you in your time of need.

Friends are that really funny joke that makes you break out into childlike laughter.

Friends are the ears who listen to you. The shoulders you can cry on.

Friends find the truffle in you.

So to all my friends, thank you for everything, I love you all!


White Collar

Starring Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay.

I love this show! Mostly because of the characters and how their relationships develop as the series goes on. And also the struggle between doing the right thing and doing the wrong thing. The friendships that develop and the complexity of the situations created because of them, I find extremely interesting and engaging.

I constantly find myself torn between who I’m rooting for, should it be black and white or can they survive in the gray area.

I loved the show from the first episode, check it out and see if you share my opinion!