Knock Knock

Knock knock.

Who’s there? A classic question known by almost everyone who’s heard a joke. And almost anyone who’s read the bible knows that Jesus knocks on the door to your heart asking to come in.

I promised my life to God at a very young age. I had unshakeable faith that He could do anything. I was blessed with a great many things. He gave me the ability to become excellent at anything I set my mind to do. He gave me many things that others dreamed they’d have someday. And unfortunately, I took it all for granted. I started thinking that everything was because of ME. I never valued what I had because I never had to work for it. It was never hard. It all became about me and what I wanted. And I put God on the back burner.

But God never forgot about me. He just waited outside the door to my heart, never stopped loving me, never got tired of waiting, never turned His back on me, no matter how far astray I got. But as God, he would only let me go so far, and would remind me of my promise long ago, and shatter whatever dream world I thought I was living in. I’ve made many mistakes. I have many things that I will have to answer for. But I’m done running. No more Peter Pan, it’s time to grow up. It’s time to live the life I’m meant to live, not the one I think I should. I’ll still make mistakes, of that I’m quite certain, but instead of looking down, I will find the way by looking to the heavens.

I’ve been high, and I’ve been low. I lived my way, much to His dismay. I thought I knew where to go, but in Him is my brightest day.

Knock knock. Come in Lord, I’m never closing the door again.

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