Cooking and Baking

I have recently discovered a love for the kitchen. Cooking and baking, experimenting with different herbs and spices. And surprisingly I found that the food that comes out isn’t bad at all. Of course sometimes it takes a turn for the worse, but overall I’ve discovered, that I can cook!

So now I’ve started baking cookies, and am pleasantly surprised that people have been ordering them. And my lovely girlfriend has been bugging me to sell them regularly, not just for fun, but as an actual source of income.

Here’s my problem. I love too cook and bake. I hate thinking about costing and all that. If it were up to me I’d give them away. Feeding my friends makes me happy. Seeing people enjoy the food that I cook makes my heart giggle. Yes, I have a heart that giggles. It also squeals in childish glee sometimes.

Anyway. So now, Arianna does the costing and basically the managing of Kalookies, while I do the baking.

So. “Kalookies” (thank you Zach and Rinka), are now somewhat available to the public, depending on where they are as I have no idea how to deliver them, and because I hate driving in Manila traffic. I’m a firm believer in “your mood affects your cooking”.

Thank you God for giving me the ability to feed and cook for myself, and not just corned beef and hotdogs etcetc.
And thank you for all the friends and family who have been so wonderful and supportive. And I thank my girlfriend who pushed and pushed for me to make it a business.

I don’t know if this will do well or do badly, but I’m thankful either way, the support of friends and family is enough. And making them full and happy. 🙂

You may order through some terms and conditions may apply.


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