Do You See What I See

My dad loved Sherlock Holmes. He had the hard bound compilation of all the books of the worlds greatest detective. And I started reading this fantastic collection of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work at around the age of 13.

I loved the whole character that was Sherlock Holmes. An absolutely brilliant mind that observed and made educated deductions on what he saw.

Everywhere we look, we are surrounded by a bevy of information. How many of us know how many steps it takes us to get from our front door to the bathroom? It’s a walk we take several times a day but how many of us actually know the approximate number of steps it takes to get to point B from point A?

He would see details that other people would also see but their brains would discard such information, categorizing it as useless or irrelevant. But not to Sherlock Holmes. He would observe, not just see.

How much of your world do you actually SEE? How much would you know of the lives of the people around you if you really really paid attention to detail?

Not many people would be able to tell if something was wrong unless the change or disturbance was great enough.

If you care about someone enough, shouldn’t you take the time to pay attention to the details you’d normally ignore?

Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

Almost everyone is familiar with this line. I first learned of it as a child in grade school. As a way of dealing with insults that were thrown my way. If you’ve never heard it before, what it basically means is “calling me names can’t hurt me”.

I don’t agree with that. My mom always quotes the Bible verse saying that the tongue holds life or death. And I agree with her. The words we speak can have amazing effects on the people around us, especially the ones we hold dear. Words may not break bones but they can break something much worse, the spirit or the heart.

Words can change darkness to light.

Be mindful of what you say. For me it is a lot harder to say good things than bad, but all it takes is practice. Focus on the good rather than the bad.

In the Empire State Building episode of How I Met Your Mother, Ted randomly speaks words of encouragement to a random man passing by and the man stops and says “thank you I was about to jump off the top of the building”. It’s a funny joke but if you think about it it’s really not that funny because there are people like that in our everyday lives. There are people whose hearts are heavy and spirits are broken even if we can’t see it on the outside.

Our words carry so much weight. In every single one of us lies the power to lift someone up or break them down.

Words can save someone who’s struggling in the ocean of existence, someone who’s ready to give up, someone who has been torn down by a hard life.

So the challenge is this, do I add weight to someone who is already drowning, or do I throw them a life preserver?

Kalookies Update


So Kalookies is almost a year old now. I had a blog entry at around this time last year thanking God because I was baking almost 4 dozen a day. Now it’s grown to 5 times that a day, and I still can’t believe that this has become my full time job.

My friend Paolo Bonifacio recently called me and mentioned that a decade ago, I couldn’t even cook rice nor fry an egg, and now he buys cookies from me.

I have no formal culinary education, everything I’ve learned is through trial and error, with research done on google. Honestly I find it completely mind boggling that I’m a baker. It’s absurd.

Sometimes I find myself thinking “Lord, I’m an actor. Why am I in the kitchen?” Over a year ago, I was praying and praying for work, and what I had in mind was acting work. But I guess He had other ideas. Kinda funny now that I connect the dots backwards.

I bake because it’s therapeutic. It relaxes me and it makes me happy. I love hosting dinners and cooking for my friends and family. Feeding people makes me happy. If I had a choice I wouldn’t be selling Kalookies, I’d be giving them away. I’d be dead broke in a week though but yeah if I could I would. But we all have to survive and the bills don’t pay themselves.

I started baking my own cookies because no one had cookies with the flavors I wanted. I like Reese’s, kit Kat, Ferrero, toblerone, and all those other chocolates. The reason why I added Nutella is because it gives the kalookies that special something that a normal cookie just doesn’t have. And people who have tried it seem to agree with me. So I use ingredients that are already established as having a certain standard and I incorporate that into Kalookies. Because I trust those brands.

I bake because I love doing it. I bake because it makes me happy, because I like making people happy. And when I bake, I use ingredients that I trust, with skills that I’ve learned through trial and error and google, to make Kalookies.

Everyone deserves to be happy, I can help them achieve that, even for a moment, and that’s why I make Kalookies.


Thanks to Andy Sermonia for the awesome pics. 🙂