Kalookies Update


So Kalookies is almost a year old now. I had a blog entry at around this time last year thanking God because I was baking almost 4 dozen a day. Now it’s grown to 5 times that a day, and I still can’t believe that this has become my full time job.

My friend Paolo Bonifacio recently called me and mentioned that a decade ago, I couldn’t even cook rice nor fry an egg, and now he buys cookies from me.

I have no formal culinary education, everything I’ve learned is through trial and error, with research done on google. Honestly I find it completely mind boggling that I’m a baker. It’s absurd.

Sometimes I find myself thinking “Lord, I’m an actor. Why am I in the kitchen?” Over a year ago, I was praying and praying for work, and what I had in mind was acting work. But I guess He had other ideas. Kinda funny now that I connect the dots backwards.

I bake because it’s therapeutic. It relaxes me and it makes me happy. I love hosting dinners and cooking for my friends and family. Feeding people makes me happy. If I had a choice I wouldn’t be selling Kalookies, I’d be giving them away. I’d be dead broke in a week though but yeah if I could I would. But we all have to survive and the bills don’t pay themselves.

I started baking my own cookies because no one had cookies with the flavors I wanted. I like Reese’s, kit Kat, Ferrero, toblerone, and all those other chocolates. The reason why I added Nutella is because it gives the kalookies that special something that a normal cookie just doesn’t have. And people who have tried it seem to agree with me. So I use ingredients that are already established as having a certain standard and I incorporate that into Kalookies. Because I trust those brands.

I bake because I love doing it. I bake because it makes me happy, because I like making people happy. And when I bake, I use ingredients that I trust, with skills that I’ve learned through trial and error and google, to make Kalookies.

Everyone deserves to be happy, I can help them achieve that, even for a moment, and that’s why I make Kalookies.


Thanks to Andy Sermonia for the awesome pics. πŸ™‚


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