Brotherhood.’s definition of


-the condition or quality of being a brother or brothers.
-the quality of being brotherly; fellowship.
-a fraternal or trade organization.
-all those engaged in a particular trade or profession or sharing a common interest or quality
-the belief that all people should act with warmth and equality toward one another, regardless of differences in race, creed, nationality, etc.

In my opinion, a brother is someone who will always want the best for you, someone who will be there by your side when you need them, and you also would do exactly the same for them.

A brother would never intentionally cause you pain whether it be physical or emotional pain.

Now I understand that there are certain groups that require a display of dedication and that also include and aren’t restricted to, humiliation, pain, and sacrifice. There have been precedents where due to these requirements, people have lost their lives. To lose your life due to these things is abhorrent and such a waste of something so precious. And it’s especially painful to the family members and friends.

I understand that people join these groups willingly, and that the decision to join is made by them. But at that age, are they really making an educated decision?

While I have nothing against groups like this, I do take issue with their initiation rites. If you know people have died before due to certain things, maybe it’s time to remove those things and replace them with things that have less severe consequences. Because these people will show you dedication and a willingness to go through almost anything for you, and as responsible human beings, you should also show your future “brothers”, the same dedication in caring for their lives.

They are trusting you with their lives, and you should reciprocate that trust in kind.


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