Should We Really Hate Jeepney’s?


The Jeepney is a tourist attraction. It started out as an army vehicle repurposed and redesigned to be a public utility vehicle. When international celebrities visit the Philippines, it’s not uncommon for them to have their picture taken while in or even on a jeepney. Jeepney owners also design their vehicles it the most outlandish ways, adding all sorts of things Ariel would collect, whosits and whatsits galore.

It is also a cheap way to travel from place to place, usually in areas where buses aren’t allowed to pass. A source of livelihood for some who come to Manila from the province, thinking they can better their future.

But almost anyone who drives knows that most Jeepney drivers have no road courtesy at all. They stop anywhere they want. They drive at night without their lights on. They run stoplights. And they pretty much only care about getting as many passengers as they can so that they can pay off their jeepney or whatever other bills they need to pay.

What bugs me even more is that the police don’t seem to catch them for their illegal stops, or their running of red lights, for their obstruction of traffic and recklessness while driving.

After some thought, is it really the jeepney drivers fault? Or is it the passengers?

If people would go onto jeepneys at the proper places, would the jeepneys still stop anywhere?

I find it quite sad that people can so blatantly disobey traffic rules right in front of police, and the police do nothing.

The system is dirty from the lowest position to the very top. Who are we supposed to turn to for help? A line from Batman Begins comes to mind, “in a town this bent, who’s there to rat to anyway?”

We need good and honest leaders with unquestionable integrity. Leaders with a sense of honor and conscience. Otherwise this country can never truly reach its full potential.

One thought on “Should We Really Hate Jeepney’s?

  1. It’s the drivers. If they didn’t stop in random places, passengers wouldn’t wait in random places coz they’d never get a ride.

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