Star Wars


I absolutely love Star Wars. And the “Force for Change” charity gives people the chance to go to the set of Star Wars episode 7 and to be IN THE MOVIE.

“Star Wars: Force for Change is a brand new charitable initiative from Disney and Lucasfilm in collaboration with Bad Robot dedicated to finding creative solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems. The first Star Wars: Force for Change campaign will raise funds and awareness for UNICEF’s Innovation Labs and its innovative projects benefiting children in need.” – from the Force for Change website,

My best friend collects toys and he has a whole bunch of Star Wars toys, while me on the other hand, I collected almost all the books of the Star Wars expanded universe. At my last count
I think I had about 70 paperback and hard bound copies of the Star Wars universe.

Sadly, this movie will pretty much scrap all the stories that I have grown up with. But it’s okay, continuing the Star Wars story is not an easy job, and many a director turned down the job because the people who love Star Wars are a hard group to please, and if the saga isn’t done justice, many will be up in arms at having their childhood ruined.

I have faith in JJ Abrams. I believe he can give the old fans what we want, and attract new fans in the process. It’s a very hard task, nigh insurmountable, but I believe in Abrams. I mean, look at what he did with the Star Trek reboot, I wasn’t really a Trekkie but those movies were AMAZING. And Super 8 was also done really well.

So I think the franchise is in good hands, and I can’t wait to watch it.

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