August 11, 2014

This is the day I lost a dear friend that I have never even met.

I woke up, checked my phone and my timeline was filled with the news that Robin Williams had passed. As I read the articles, my eyes started to well up, and tears soon followed.

This news, broke my heart. I never even met him, but my childhood was filled with characters he had played, and many of those characters are precious to my heart. From the Genie, Patch Adams, Alan Parrish, John Keating, Mrs Doubtfire, Andrew Martin, and Peter Pan. Robin Williams played characters that I connected with, that I grew to love. And it felt like he was a crazy fun uncle that I could visit anytime, by simply turning on the TV.

The one role I truly felt a connection with, was Peter Pan. He gave up never growing old, for real life. And in making that decision, he got so focused on life, that he forgot what was really important, which was family, friends, and that you have to remember that in life, you also have to have fun. Otherwise, what’s the point of being alive? Are you existing? Or are you living?

He made so many people happy, he brought joy and touched so many lives. But he was melancholy. He played so many roles that would have lines about passion for life, about how living would be a great adventure. For him to go out this way, is tragic.

Only it’s a moot point, what’s done is done. I will mourn the departure of a man who made me laugh, made me cry, and made me look at life differently.

Thank you for all the wonderful times Mister Williams. Thank you for all the laughs. I thank God that you were brought into the world, and I pray that you are with Him now. Your light may no longer shine on this earth, but your memory will live on for much, much longer, in my heart, and in the heart of many, many others.

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