Cooking is Love.


Arianna and I went over to my brothers to have dinner and hang out, and while we were waiting for our food he was watching MasterChef US season 5.

Now I find myself intrigued by the show because the contestants are all amateur cooks, from stay at home dads, lawyers, restaurant servers, to students. And they all share one thing, which is a love for cooking. And I find cooking to be so much fun, mixing different ingredients together in various ways, and coming up with delicious meals for those you love.

So I started watching from season one, and I realized that I want to learn the basics of cooking, because I love cooking for friends and family. For me cooking is an expression of love, and if I can cook a really good meal for them, that would make me happy.

So I asked on social media about where I can learn these basic cooking skills, and one that was recommended was Heny Sison, and after inquiring about their basic cooking essentials class, I was informed that their course costs 122K, which is way out of my budget, especially since we are saving for and planning our wedding. I still intend to check out other possibilities, but if worse comes to worst, YouTube and torrents will be my friend and teacher.

Hopefully I find an affordable and good place where I can learn things such as slicing, dicing, mincing etcetc, because I really want to expand my knowledge when it comes to the kitchen.

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