Let’s face facts.

The public transportation system of Manila SUCKS. It sucks even more than a black hole. You have jeepney drivers that stop wherever and whenever they want, buses who do the same, and while some taxi cabs are decent, most of them are decrepit, driven by rude drivers who never have change, and to top it all off, are involved in kidnap, rape, murder and robbery.

Now comes a service in Uber that is not only safe and trusted, but also WORLD CLASS.

And what does the LTFRB do? Calls them illegal and bans its operation. Do they even care that people do not trust taxis anymore because of all the crimes that have happened involving taxis? What they’re doing is knowingly endangering public safety.

All because in my opinion, they aren’t getting their cut.

It truly seems like the motto of the government is, “if it works, break it”.

I am a Filipino, and I am ashamed of my government.