Being a Christian

I am a Christian. There are times when I am not the best Christian I can be, and honestly, those times are plentiful.  This whole Bruce/Caitlin Jenner thing has made me ask myself how am I, as a Christian, supposed to deal with it. Not just about this, but homosexuality as a whole.

I am not perfect. No one is. I am a sinner. So is everyone else. God loves me. God loves everyone else. He loves me just as much as He loves everyone.

I have friends who are gay, and most of them are wonderful and funny people. And while personally I think that being gay is wrong, that doesn’t mean that I don’t respect, nor love, my gay friends. It is not up to me, nor is it my place to tell them what they should or shouldn’t do with their lives. It is up to me to love everyone, as Jesus would.