My Top 5 Chicken Delivery Restaurants

Sometimes I get really lazy to cook and so Arianna and I opt for delivery instead, and given all the news articles about how fast food beef isn’t really beef, and instead is full of extenders and whatnot, my go to choice is always chicken, because in my mind, it’s the healthier choice. One could argue that the chicken is also engineered or genetically modified, but this is me so bleh.

Here are my top 5 fast food chicken choices, in no particular order.


For a pizza place, Shakey’s has some pretty awesome chicken. And it comes with Mojo’s! And they recently released a spicy version, although in my opinion, it could use a bit more kick to it. My usual order, 3 piece with 2-3 orders of rice.


I don’t know if this actually counts as fast food, but hey they deliver so I’m adding it to my list. If you’re pinoy, you’re bound to have eaten at Max’s. Coupled with garlic rice and banana ketchup and I add Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce. My usual order, 1 whole spring or regular chicken (not chopped and well done), and 2 orders of garlic rice. And it lives up to its slogan, sarap to the bones! (because that’s all I leave)


I was only recently introduced to their chicken fairly recently, hot darn it’s pretty good, their gravy is delicious too! It’s a bit on the pricey side, and you don’t get to choose what part of the chicken you get.


Of course KFC is on here. While some like theĀ original recipe, I prefer the Hot and Crispy chicken. No minimum amount for delivery is win! My usual order, 2 piece hot and crispy, extra gravy and extra rice.


And last but definitely not least, Jollibee. 24 hour delivery and affordable. 200 peso minimum for delivery. My usual order, 2 piece with extra rice and gravy.

Yes. I love rice. And chicken. If Andok’s delivered, this would be a single choice blog post. Because Andok’s is the freaking best.

Man. Now I’m hungry. I don’t know how those food bloggers do these kinds of things without getting major food cravings afterward.

Khalil and Arianna Wedding SDE by Bob Nicolas

When Arianna and I started the wedding planning, she had two things that were absolutely non-negotiable.

The photographer, and the videographer.

And now that the wedding is over, I understand why you really should go with the best photographer and videographer. First off, it is one of the most important days of your life. And you probably will or have already heard this from your friends who have gone through the whole wedding process, but the months/years you spend planning will speed by so fast. And the wedding day, well that goes by even faster. So you will really want good photos and videos to help remember your incredible day, especially in the latter part once the drinking hits full swing.

So I’d like to thank Arianna for being adamant about these two things.

I would also like to thank Bob Nicolas and his awesome team for documenting our wedding with such skill and brilliance. (FYI, he’s booked a year in advance so plan ahead and contact him asap to work out a schedule)

Here is the same day edit by Bob Nicolas.

And We Are Still Beginning


We are down to our last two shows, which are completely sold out! Thank you to everyone who has and are still going to watch!

It has truly been an honor to work with everyone in this production, and I’m so glad that I was able to be a part of this show. And I’m also thankful that my beautiful wife has been so supportive (even though she was afraid that I was going to suck since it’s been eight years since I last stepped on stage to perform, thankfully I didn’t suck).

It was difficult for me to adjust at times due to the swearing and some of the content in the show, as almost all the shows I’ve ever done in my life have all been Christian shows, and since I rarely swear in real life, swearing on stage was a very big hurdle for me. It even reached a point where I had to speak to my pastor about my misgivings, and find a way to work through it.

I’m so glad that I did this show. I have learned so much about this millennial subset and myself. I feel like I’ve grown so much as an actor and as a person.  And also, I’ve gained so many new friends who I hope I still see once this is done.  The time we have all spent together at rehearsals and just hanging out have brought us together,  and I didn’t expect to form such a bond with everyone, where we all are stuck to our phones checking our whatsapp group when we have no rehearsals because we have a severe case of sepanx.

Usually when TV personalities join a theater show, I’m quite skeptical because sometimes it’s hard for them to make the transition from TV to theater, but in this instance I was pleasantly surprised at how much time, effort and work that Jasmine, Saab and Lauren have put into their performances. And gosh how they have blossomed! Churning out heart wrenching monologues with such ease, emotion and truth.

And Cai, Micah, and Sarah, who I’m also working with for the first time, who have taken their monologues and driven them home with all the years of acting experience they have, it’s an honor to share the stage with such amazingly talented people.

I’m so proud of everyone in this production, and I’m amazed that such a small prod team has been able to do such a great job, they’re a group of 8 doing the jobs of at least 15 people. The actors may be the ones on stage, but the prod team is really the star that no one sees.

And the writers! Toff, Wanggo, and Jam and everyone else who worked on the script and the plethora of edits that they made to make this show the honest and unapologetic work that tugs at your very core, raising questions about yourself that you never knew you had, and realizing things you never knew you had to realize.

Toff, Wanggo, Jam, Anissa, Sarte, Maine, tita Pauline, Sofa, Child, Jace, Micah, Lauren, Jos, Cai, Sarah, Martin, Saab, Sab, James, Jim, Robbie, Maronne, Kayla, Miggy, Maryss, Mik, Santi and Anna, (I hope I didn’t forget anyone), I love you all, I am so happy to be able to call you guys my friends.

This run may be coming to a close, but we are always just beginning.