Khalil and Arianna Wedding SDE by Bob Nicolas

When Arianna and I started the wedding planning, she had two things that were absolutely non-negotiable.

The photographer, and the videographer.

And now that the wedding is over, I understand why you really should go with the best photographer and videographer. First off, it is one of the most important days of your life. And you probably will or have already heard this from your friends who have gone through the whole wedding process, but the months/years you spend planning will speed by so fast. And the wedding day, well that goes by even faster. So you will really want good photos and videos to help remember your incredible day, especially in the latter part once the drinking hits full swing.

So I’d like to thank Arianna for being adamant about these two things.

I would also like to thank Bob Nicolas and his awesome team for documenting our wedding with such skill and brilliance. (FYI, he’s booked a year in advance so plan ahead and contact him asap to work out a schedule)

Here is the same day edit by Bob Nicolas.

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