Not Until You’re Older

“You’re too young”.

If you, were like me, then you heard this a lot from your parents.

All throughout my childhood, I always wanted to do things I saw adults doing.

I grew up with such eagerness to be an adult, rushing through so many things I didn’t know were so precious. Especially when the thing you wanted to do,  required a certain age to be allowed to do so.

When I’m older, I can stay out as late as I want.
When I’m older, I can drink or smoke.
When I’m older, I won’t have to wake up early.
When I’m older, I can have a girlfriend.

There was always something to aspire to when you’re a kid, but it was only attainable, when you were older. This is where it all begins. When you want to do something you’re too young to do. This is when you start to let go of your childhood innocence for the desire for real life. And so begins your journey through fantasy into reality. It’s as if you lived in a myriad of protective bubbles, and you began popping them one by one, each one revealing more about real life, and shattering any illusions of perfection or utopia you may have had.

Sometimes this choice is taken away from children. Sometimes life deals you a card, where it cuts your childhood prematurely and without your permission, either through natural means, or unnatural means, leaving you with two choices, grow up, or be a child forever.

We each have a child in us. Some of us listen to it. Some of us ignore it. Some of us try to forget it. And some of us listen to it too much.

If children are a ship, then parents are the lighthouse. When the children are lost at sea, the teachings of the parents will be the light that guides them home.

I pray that if or when I become a parent, my light will shine for my children as bright as the sun in the peak of summer, far long after I have left them.

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