It seems I’m at the age where my friends are all having kids.  My beautiful wife Arianna, has always wanted to be a mom.

As for me, I know I want to have kids. I have these moments where I imagine having kids and all the fun things I wanna do with them. For example, waking them up on a school day and saying, “you aren’t going to school today, we are going camping!”, or, “no school today, we’re going fishing!”.

I believe school is important. I also believe that living is important. Not just existing. You’ve probably seen the quote or meme that states, “you aren’t meant to work and pay bills and die”. School is important because it teaches you basic skills and tools to help you succeed in life. Yet there are a great number of people who succeed, and didn’t finish college. And there are also a great number of people who finished college and also succeed.

The thing is, every single person is a snowflake. Everyone has their own unique experiences. Everyone has a different path in life. And as a parent, the responsibility of raising a child is truly great. That’s what makes me hesitate when I think of having kids. To be completely responsible for the development of a human being. That in itself is extremely scary, and at the same time, extremely exciting. I don’t even have a kid yet, but even just the thought of my own child, I love him or her so much already. And they haven’t even been conceived yet!

All I know is we’re gonna be praying a lot, asking God for wisdom and guidance, and to help us do the best we can. And asking those we trust for advice when we don’t know what to do.

So to my future kid/kids, you aren’t in this world yet, but I know you’ll be amazing. I know you’ll be beautiful. We’ll make mistakes, but we’ll work it out. I know that I love you so very much.

I just haven’t met you yet.

But someday, I will. 🙂