Some Star Wars Geekiness

Everything I Needed to Know I Learned From Star Wars by Kal Kaimo

by Kal Kaimo on Thursday, February 25, 2010 at 2:22pm ยท

1. saying that someone’s beliefs are a “hokey religion” will end up with your foot in your mouth
2. when rescuing a princess, choose a better escape route than the trash compactor
3. trust your feelings
4. before kissing someone, check to see if they’re related to you
5. even the most obnoxious smugglers can turn out to be excellent friends
6. always check that you aren’t standing on a trapdoor when threatening a Hutt.
7. if there is a blizzard coming, and a meteor hits, go home, the meteor isn’t going anywhere.
8. when someone tells you to eject, EJECT!
9. even the most evil person can be saved
10. if stuck outside in the cold, staying inside a dead animal can save your life, if the smell doesnt kill you
11. whether you’re in a heavily armored vehicle or if you are wearing a helmet, rocks can still hurt
12. when building a super station, build better exhaust ports
13. no matter what the odds are, you always still have a chance
14. always check that the cave you are in is actually a cave.
15. picking a fight with someone who can rip your arms off is normally not a good idea.
16. when going into a bar, make sure you have your lightsaber
17. guards in uniforms have easy minds to manipulate
18. never give in to your anger unless you want to end up looking like the emperor
19. when in an uncomfortable conversation over the phone, shoot the phone
20. if something is broken, give it a good whack
21. usually if you get a bad feeling, its normally right
22. always check to see if the deflector shields are still up
23. never judge a book by its cover, because it may have made the fastest Kessel run ever
24. never bring droids to a bar.
25. do or do not, there is no try.
26. never lend anyone your vehicle unless you want to lose your subspace antenna (or more)
27. if you live to be 900 years old, goodlooking will you no longer be.
28. having a 7’2″ friend is always good
29. the Force will be with you. always.
30. usually the voice that speaks inside you is right, choosing to follow it is hard.