I spent five hours yesterday stuck in traffic. Having been blessed by being able to go to other countries, the driving experience here as compared to hong kong or America, it’s quite frustrating.

When I’m stuck in traffic, I feel helpless. Almost any other route is also congested and you really have nowhere else to go.

I’ve tried to think of solutions for it, and I’ve come up with these.

Deprivatize buses. Make every bus driver earn a set amount of money per month rather than make them earn via quota. This way they won’t be overtaking one another to get more passengers. To be honest, let them tryout for racing teams. They drive like they think they’re in a formula one race car.

Cargo trucks should only be allowed in ONE lane. Not whatever lane they want. And they should properly secure their cargo. Many a time has my windshield been hit by a stray rock from a truck barreling down the road like a bat out of hell.

Build better roads and be smarter when building them. Think ahead. We all know it rains a lot in Manila. After a storm it’s quite likely that new potholes have shown up because someone scrimped on construction. If it’s a main road, add more lanes. It will be worth it in the future.

And most importantly, DECONGEST MANILA. People from the province think that Manila is the promised land. Come to Manila, your life will be better here. We have many other towns and cities that can be developed rather than just focusing on one! And by developing other towns, jobs will be created. The standard of living will increase in that area. Lives will be better.

I beg of the government, please, Stop treating your position like you’re on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Pleae think of future generations. Think of the life you want to give them. You are in power to effect change. To make a difference. Not to line your pockets and do things for yourselves. You are PUBLIC servants. You’re in a position of power FOR us, not against us. Please try and remember that person you started out as, the one that wanted to change the world, the one who wanted to improve life for everyone, the dreamer. Search your hearts for that person, and please, be that person once more.

Be the person that the people desperately need.

What Is Right?

I keep wishing that for one day the government would do what’s right.

But I realized, what if they all think that they’re doing the right thing? And doesn’t everyone have their own version of what the “right thing” is?

Who’s to say what the right thing is? Isn’t it our moral compass supposed to guide us to the right decision? But isn’t it also true that some people have compasses that are way off?

What if all this time I’m the one who is wrong? What if they’re the ones who are right?

I guess that’s between me and God.

RH Bill

I saw a tweet by Maria Ressa saying that Senator Sotto directly translated Kennedy’s speech.

I don’t know if it’s true or not.

What if, this whole thing was intentional? What if it was intended to make one side look bad thereby currying favor for the other?

Maybe the RH bill is so controversial because on this issue there seems to be no separation of church and state?

It’s hard for me to take a stand on the RH bill because they keep changing everything and sometimes it seems to be swimming in a gray area, leaving wiggle room for amendment later on. Maybe some other time I’ll expound more on what I think of the RH bill.

Whatever they decide, I truly hope that people will not be forced to do things they don’t want to. That we will have the option to choose. That nothing will be imposed on us.

I honestly believe we have more important things to worry about. Traffic. Public education. Congestion. Poverty. Pollution. Garbage.

What if the money supposed to go to buying contraceptives and all that went to things the people need?

My brother and his wife had to attend a government required seminar before they could get married. They were told to have a baby every other year. So that when they’re older, if each child gave them a hundred dollars a week, and they had 10 kids, they would have a thousand dollars a week. But what about while the children are growing up? Can the parents afford to feed, clothe and educate them?

We have bigger things to worry about don’t we?